A couple of posters and other type work I have done in class. Please click on them to see the works nice and big!

Ivory Coast Infographic - April 2020
A comprehensive infographic about the Ivory Coast

Egg Posters - March 2020
Process making posters for my Information Design class

3 Journeys - February 2020
Mapping 3 different journeys for my Information Design class

eyeCandy - October 2019
Pattern making for chocolate bars for my Graphic Design class

The Cherry Orchard - October 2019
Anton Chekov's The Cherry Orchard Poster for my Graphic Design class

Objekt Magazine - August 2019
Redesign of Objekt Magazine for my Typography 2 class

Environmental Design Brochure - August 2019
Study of the Futura R in the Environment

Hope - July 2019
This poster brings together the ideas of hope and water.

Didot - December 2018
This poster highlights the Didot typeface.

Logo + Type Experimentation - October 2018
Using different typefaces and characters
to create shapes and logos.

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