Study Up

September-December 2018

An app to find your place to study and interact with people who are studying along with you.


The Process

Study Up is a project I created with two of my classmates in my Experience Design class in the Fall of 2017

Research & Development


The first part of our research involved interviewing various random students all over campus. As a group, we found that students care more about finding an environment that suits their needs than finding a way to study with friends more easily. However, they are highly interested in a way that would allow them to engage with people studying the same thing in a nearby space.

Design Mapping


Based on our research, we started to map a solution to the problem at hand. Through this process we honed in on what problems were most important to address in the experience. We wanted user experience to be seamless, but we also wanted to find creative ways to facilitate community engagement, real-time data, and interaction amongst users without the app intruding on ones actual studying.

I worked on analyzing the data we recorded while doing the subject interviews. This involved using excel to filter through data sets. I then relayed this information to my team and included it during the design mapping process.



We also used our research to create personas that embodied the data we collected. I used the data that I had analyzed from the interviews to create personas based from the data.

Procurement Blueprint


We created a procurement blueprint to walk through how a user would use our app. This involved mapping how the user would act based on actions they completed in the app. I focused on the user thinking during this process. I had done a lot of the user testing for the project, so I had the best understanding of what a user should be thinking throughout using our app.

User Experience Map


This UX map specifically looked at the user interaction related to community engagement. The app has several features that involve engaging with the larger student community. This map details the different features of the app and how it affects the user.



We prototyped the app using Adobe XD.

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